Youngstown’s Comprehensive 2010 Plan Guarantees Sustainable Growth

Youngstown, Ohio has taken major steps towards ensuring its economic and social sustainability with the implementation of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. This ambitious plan contains a wide range of projects that are intended to help Youngstown create a vibrant community and economy.

The comprehensive plan focuses on five main goals: increasing capacity for economic development, diversifying employment opportunities, improving infrastructure and services, enhancing public health and safety, and ultimately creating unity in the community. These initiatives are based on ideas gathered from citizens through a series of focus group discussions and surveys.

Promoting economic development is at the heart of the plan. The goal is to promote investment by growing quality businesses and preserving residential neighborhoods by providing both homeowners and business owners with incentives. To achieve this, Youngstown has partnered with numerous businesses to provide job training programs, workforce recruitment events, special grants, and entrepreneurial support. Additionally, the city has developed organizational clusters in industries like advanced manufacturing, automotive technology, renewable energy and healthcare services to support the growth of small businesses.

The second goal seeks to diversify employment opportunities in the city by exploring creative solutions such as telecommuting to fill local needs and establish new industries. Additionally, this goal looks to implement initiatives to help people age 50 or older access jobs with flexible hours that complement their lifestyles.

To improve infrastructure and services, Youngstown will be making serious investments in public transportation systems such as roads and sidewalks as well as sidewalks upgrades and restoration of historic buildings. The city is also looking at how technology can bring increased efficiency to its government services while still decreasing its overall costs.

Finally, Youngstown is looking to enhance public health and safety through improved access to quality healthcare options, crime prevention strategies that involve both the community and the police department, improved educational pathways for students of all ages, and accessible public green spaces that offer free recreation activities for everyone in the city.

With an orchestration of strategies that focus on economic development, job creation, infrastructure improvements, education opportunities, health services, public safety initiatives and recreational activities, the Comprehensive Plan provides Youngstown with a roadmap for sustainable growth. By working together within the community through collaboration and civic engagement initiatives in all areas of its development plan, Youngstown’s future looks bright indeed!

Youngstown, Ohio is bucking the trend of declining cities, with a comprehensive city plan ensuring sustainable growth and improvements for years to come. The city’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan aims to expand economic development and quality of life, laying the foundation for many positive changes and improvements in the near future.

At the core of the Plan are five major elements: land use, infrastructure, economic development, recreation/culture and connectivity. The Plan calls upon each of these essential elements to ensure sustainable growth, maintaining Youngstown’s history while driving toward a more modern and vibrant future.

To ensure long-term sustainability and revitalization, city and county governments are focusing on infrastructure investments. This means improved streetscapes, better connects between venues and safer pedestrian transportation routes. Additionally, they seek to draw in private investment with zoning changes, investment incentives and other promotions targeted toward potential businesses looking to invest in the area.

The Plan also focuses on improving parks, open spaces and recreational activities for all ages. Youngstown is also making major investments in its cultural assets – from theaters and museums to music venues. By re-energizing its cultural institutions, the city hopes to draw in new patrons from across Northeastern Ohio as well as neighboring states.

Connectivity also plays a major role in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. Youngstown officials hope to increase transport between downtown and outlying neighborhoods with reliable public transit options. As commuting becomes easier and more convenient for both local citizens and visitors, this will encourage more equitable access between all sectors of the city.

Overall, Youngstown’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan proves there is hope for cities across America that were left struggling after industrial closures several decades ago. With committed investments in land use, infrastructure, economic development, recreation/culture and connectivity, this town has a fighting chance at success!